St mary's church, kells

Catholic Lancaster diocese, whitehaven, Cumbria

Parish Community

Parish Pastoral Council

The Council is made up of 6 members and meets approximately every 2 months.
The membership, along with Fr Ed is as follows:
Chairperson – Willie Slavin – Tel: 01946 65856
Secretary – Pat Carling
Kirsty Rowell
Parish Pastoral Councils are not an end in themselves, but are at the service of mission and evangelisation.  Parish Pastoral Councils should enable priests and people to work together to build up a dynamic Christian community that is characterised by faith, mission, worship and service – Bishop Michael Campbell 1 February 2006 

Eucharistic Ministers

We have an active group of people who assist at Mass with the distribution of Holy Communion and run the Eucharistic Services on the days when there is no Mass at St Mary’s.  They also regularly take out Holy Communion to the sick and housebound.
If you are aware of anyone who would like to be included on our list to receive Holy Communion please contact Fr Ed or one of the Eucharistic Ministers on our rota ie:
Alan Raby; Margaret Benson; Margaret Leadley; Maureen Raby; Liz Goulding; John Doran; Esther Clements; Dennis Gainford; Eileen George; Robert Goulding; Carol Pierce; Lorraine Stewart; Jean Soriano; Rebecca Raby & Sheila Richardson.

St Mary's Catholic Men's Society

President:            Brother David Siddle
Vice President:BroAnthony Messenger
Secretary:            Bro William Starkey
There are 20 members and 30 associate members.
The CMS meet on the first Sunday of each month to discuss all aspects of their Catholic faith using the CMS yearly plan booklet, produced by the Catholic Men’s Society of Great Britain, to aid their discussions.
The members also assist the Parish Priest in whatever he may need within the Parish.
The members have their own social evenings in the club bar.
The parish hall is hired out to various keep fit and dance groups or for private parties.
For information regarding the Catholic Men’s Society or to book the hall, etc please contact W Starkey on 01946 61448. 

Joint Churches Group

The group is made up of 6 members and meet as and when necessary.
St Mary’s Representatives are:  Eileen Holliday, Sheila Richardson, Eileen Pascoe & Cecelia Rumney
St Peter’s representatives are: Anne Curwen & Jac Moore.
This group aims to sustain the ecumenical activity begun over 30 years ago with the Joint Churches Project which gave employment to workers to carry out projects for youth/the elderly/the unemployed as the funding directed.
The project no longer exists but the Kells Joint Churches look for opportunities to work together.  These have included Christian Aid collections and joint Christmas & Easter services displayed on a card and delivered on the estates, also the Priest blessing the crib at St Peter’s.
Recent events have included: Songs of Praise, Advent Service, Carol Service, “A Priest in Peru” with Fr Ed Gornall, Lenten Lunches and a Poverty Evening with Willie Slavin giving a talk and Andrea Dockeray (Credit Union) giving taster sessions for thrifty shoppers.  All these events have included tea and biscuits/cakes.  The Joint Churches prayer is used when we are praying together.
The Advent service in 2012 took a step forward by inviting the Town Mission and The Elim Church (just moved to Greenbank) to join us. The response was warm.  The Carol service carried on the tradition and 2013 saw the 4 churches gathered to support each other on the first and third Sundays of Advent once again.
At a less formal level we advertise each other’s special events and support them when we can.
In friendship and in celebrating the things we share we remember the words of Jesus:
“May they all be one.
Father, may they be one in us,
As you are in me and I am in you,
So that the world may believe it was you who sent me”-  John 17:21 

Knights of St Columba

The Order has 25 members and meet on the first Monday in the month, starting with Mass 7pm at St Begh’s Church, Coach Road, Whitehaven.
Grand Knight – John Doran (KSG), 97 Rannerdale Drive, Whitehaven, Cumbria, CA28 6JZ
Tel: 01946 61067.
The Order of the Knights’ of St Columba exists to support the mission of the Roman Catholic Church and at the same time to work for the spiritual, intellectual and material welfare of its members and families.
The order is an organised body of Catholic gentlemen who are joined as a fraternity, giving entire loyalty to the Holy See, working together helping those less fortunate than ourselves both nationally and locally in charity, unity and fraternity.  We support our church – family – community – youth – fraternity. We support the family – sanctity of life – social justice – homelessness– justice & peace – the third world. We help our young people develop in the likeness of Christ; family social activities and many more.
The Order is a founding member of IACK – International Alliance of Catholic Knights.  If you would like to know more contact us. 

Prayer Group

The Prayer Group is an ecumenical group with 7 members who meet every Tuesday in term time  at 10.15am at 2 West Row, Kells.
The group has the following membership but is open to everyone:
Janet Sewell; Sadie Hutchinson; Betty Burns; Maureen Raby; Alma Inwood; Sheila Richardson.
Every session has 20-25 minutes of prayer which includes praise, the Sunday Readings, intercessions for the Joint Churches of Kells and their clergy, for people suffering in wars, earthquakes, etc and for friends, neighbours and parishioners who have asked for prayer (some just ask for prayer for a special intention and prefer to remain anonymous).
There is always a time of silence for listening to God and a cup of tea afterwards.  We meet in friendship and remember the promise of Jesus:
“Where two or three meet in my name I shall be there with them”- Matthew 18:20

Events Organisers

The group consistsof 2 members: Sheila Woolley; & Pat Carling who meet as and when there is something to organise. 
The aim of the group is to organise all events aimed at developing the parish as a community with the secondary but crucial role of fund raising to supplement the ordinary income of the parish.
The group has successfully organised many and varied events from annual parish walks; Christmas raffles; strawberry tea; Whitehaven Male Voice Choir concert; race nights; 60’s night; local historic talks; bingo; charity concerts; treasure hunt; tombolas, etc and have raised a significant amount of money whilst providing the opportunity to get the parish together socially. 

HCP Group 75

Ann Marie Rogan, the group leader, can be contacted on 0787 2426 037 or you may contact Victor and Maureen Raby on 01946 695433.
The aim of the group is to fund raise during the year in order to take disabled and disadvantaged children to Lourdes at Easter.  This has been very successful in the past with the children enjoying many outings and fun things to do which would not ordinarily be available to them.
The group has several members who meet periodically to arrange fund raising, etc. 

Food Bank

The aim of the group is to collect food for the Food Bank and to make sure that local people have a food bank available.
The group does not have a membership nor does it meet on a regular basis but rather volunteers give their time in order that the food donated by our parishioners gets to th elocal collection point at Irish Street weekly.
Willie Slavin is the organiser representing St Mary’s and Sheila Richardson takes the food to Irish Street and co-ordinates with St Mary’s RC Primary School for special occasions.  Others who volunteer their time are Billy Starkey; Vic Raby; Margaret Leadley, Eileen George & Pat Carling.
The group tries to honour the words of Jesus:
“I was hungry and you gave me food.
I was thirsty and you gave me drink” - Matthew 25:35 


Secretary: John Doran

The aim of the group is to raise money to help CAFOD’s work in the Third World.  For instance, in order to provide clean water; seeds to help people to feed themselves; books for schools; medical teams to set up clinics, etc. 
There are 17 members of the parish who donate on a monthly basis, also, there are 2 church collections involving the whole parish. In addition, there are special collections in times of disaster.
For further information contact John Doran.

St Mary's Little Lambs 

Our children’s liturgy group is called 'St Mary’s Little Lambs’ (or Little Lambs for short).  We meet during 10.00am Sunday Mass every week.  After meeting at the back of Church, we go to one of the side rooms, returning at the Offertory.
Our activities are based on the Gospel and include talking, singing drawing, colouring and making.  We can have as many children as 25 or sometimes just a few; we have fun no matter how many come!
The group is run by a team of 7: Kay, Margaret, Lia, Rebecca, Susan, Anne Marie and Kirsty.